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10 successful years of DMD Delta

26. may 2011.

During past ten years, company has been continually investing in infrastructure, human resources and rolling stock. Company started its operations with 6 employees, at the end of 2001. number increased to 16, and today, DMD Delta Podgorica employs 65 people. The most important investment, of more than 5 million EUR, in past 10 years is new distributive logistic center in Podgorica, opened in December 2008. Building of logistic distribution center is prerequisite for further development of business operations and quality distribution services on Montenegrin market.
DMD Delta had more than 130 clients in first year of operation, and today number is more than 600 clients, with direct distribution to more than 1.100 outlets. Besides cooperation with modern trade, company is working with privately owned markets and wholesalers covering all market channels. Strong brands, professional relationships, educated stuff, provides full service for clients with respect of highest standards.